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Colorado Book Award Finalist

Hardcover, Five Star First Edition Western Series (Mass market paperback by Leisure Books.)

ISBN 0-7862-3769-4

“Historical fiction in the hands of a master storyteller can prompt new ways of looking at both

fact and myth. This is one story about Tom Horn you’ll never forget.”

- Persimmon Hill Magazine (National Cowboy Hall of Fame)

Wyoming Wind will be available in paperback in 2010!



Western Writers of America’s Medicine Pipe Bearer Award

the Spur Award winner for "Best First Novel" of 1999.

Trade Paperback, Rodgers & Nelsen Publishing Company

ISBN 0-9662696-0-8

This is no cliche-ridden yarn. The author has studiously avoided the hackneyed plot lines of pulp westerns, crafting a tale that stands outside the herd. Chandler’s eastern slope of the Rockies could be the Serengeti of Hemingway’s Africa stories, with the Spanish Peaks brooding over the landscape like Kilimanjaro.

- American Cowboy Magazine



Berkley Western Anthology

Mass Market Paper

ISBN 0-425-18426-9

Includes “On Peg Leg’s Trail,” Chandler’s rollicking, whimsical take on his great-great-grandfather Frank Ownbey’s friendships with famous lawman Doc Shores and infamous outlaw Tom Horn.



Historical and Contemporary Perspectives of

Westminster, Colorado From Those Who Dreamed It and Built It

ISBN 0-9722781-0-9

The definitive history of the myriad personalities who, through comprehensive planning and immense civic pride, created one of the nation’s most highly rated suburban cities.



Coming Soon:

He Was No Hero

Five Star First Edition Western Series

The Diamond Country

Five Star First Edition Western Series